IceMar is always looking to build long-term relationships with global buyers of fresh and frozen products. Our philosophy is simple; sustainable and high-quality fish. We offer nothing else than sustainable species and we support protection of the marine ecosystem in our northern waters, a backbone of Icelandic export.


We’re on a mission to end over-fishing so that future generations can enjoy the wild
seafood we love. We can achieve this by choosing certified sustainable seafood that holds the blue fish label. To become MSC certified, these three core principals must be met: Fisheries must catch sustainable fish stocks, they must be committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their operations, and they must have effective management in place to comply with all relevant laws. The MSC website states that when you see seafood with the blue MSC label, you can be sure it comes from a sustainable fishery that has met their Fisheries Standard. Businesses trading in these products have met our Chain of Custody Standard for traceability.


Our farming standards are set to strict requirements to ensure responsible aquaculture that encourages seafood producers to minimize the key environmental and social impacts. In order for an aquatic farm to be certified by the ASC, a comprehensive series of criteria must be fulfilled; including pre-assessment, on-site farm audit and an audit report. Our fish are raised without antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones and are fed a sustainable and natural diet. Only by protecting our oceans, can we build a secure a sustainable future for our planet and people.