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Sustainably wild caught and farmed fish from the North Atlantic.
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Iceland’s Wild Fisheries are amongst the best managed in the world and the nutrient rich coastline and geo-thermal waters are spawning a rapidly growing aquaculture industry too. Icemar and its owner New England Seafood takes its’ obligation to protect our oceans and to respect and maximise the value of every fish harvested very seriously. And we play a very active role in driving continuous improvement on a wide ranging series of sustainability, social and environmental subjects.

Waves crashes onto black sand beach in Iceland

Our story

Gunnar Örlygsson – IceMar’s founder, CEO and co-owner, started his carrier as a fisherman at the young age of 15. He worked on board several Icelandic long liners and trawlers for a ten year period, learning the craft and the business from the inside. Gunnar comes from a family like many others in Iceland that have lived from what the surrounding waters have provided. His grandfather was a fisherman in the Northwest of Iceland for 55 years! Fisheries and Seafood is part of many Icelander’s DNA and Gunnar is no exception.

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Small fishing boat on the open sea

Sourced (Video)

Icemar partners with Freshdirect to source wild-caught haddock, cod, and flounder for customers. We are committed to quality and sustaining our country’s rich natural resources. Because of our unique, close relationship with Freshdirect team, we’re able to bring our fish from the pristine coastal waters to customers door within as little as 2 days. Founder and CEO Gunnar Örlygsson shows more about what working with FreshDirect means to him. FreshDirect’s mission is to deliver quality beyond question and convenience that adds something great to your everyday life.

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“Gunnar” of Iceland

IceMar is proud to present our very own seafood brand “Gunnar”.

“Gunnar” carries the story of homeland and heritage; The fish is caught in the waters surrounding our homeland Iceland. “Gunnar” also has a strong reference to our Icelandic heritage – a heritage in which fish has played a significant part for centuries.

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“Gunnar” of Iceland logo. IceMar's very own seafood brand; a geometric, abstract fish next to the words "Gunnar".