Ground fish

Over dozen different species that, with a few exceptions, live on or near the bottom of the ocean.

Atlantic Cod

Gadus Morhua

Atlantic Cod is a mild white fish with a tender texture, low in fat and a great source of protein. The tasty white flesh is dense and packed with important nutrition. In fact, Cod has one the highest amount of protein per calorie, among wild fish.


Melanogrammus aeglefinus

Haddock is a whitefish and keeps in the shallow-sea and preferably stays in clay and sandy bottoms. Haddock contains high amount of protein and low amount of fat. The fish is loaded with omega-3 acids. The taste of the Haddock is mild but sweet, its lean meat has a firm yet tender texture.

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Cod   I   Gadus Morhua  I   Bacalao

Atlantic Haddock

Atlantic Haddock   I   Melanogrammus aeglefinus I   Eglefino


Saithe   I   Pollachius virens I Fogonero


Redfish   I   Sebastus marinus / vivip. I Cabra/Gallineta


Ling   I   Molva molva I Maruca


Wolffish / Catfish   I   Anarhichas lupus I Gata del norte


Monkfish   I   Lophius piscatorius I Rape