We have a team of skilled professionals, a fleet of carefully selected contract vessels, a perfect location of plants and last but not least, responsible management. These factors have delivered the highest quality available for fresh & frozen seafood from Icelandic waters.

Since the spring of 2003, IceMar has connected the wealth of Iceland’s sustainable marine resources to exciting markets all around the globe.The firm has grown from being a simple trading company to an international seafood supplier with assets and shares in various processing factories.
Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the industry, we have been able to bring wild-caught and high-quality North Atlantic seafood to people who have never tried Icelandic seafood before.

We love to create new markets

IceMar is always looking to build long-term relationships with global buyers of fresh and frozen products. Over the years we have worked with strong retailers, large processing units and distributors who only look to buy sustainable and high-quality fish. If this could be you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Our Skilled workforce

We count ourselves lucky to be able to fish the waters surrounding Iceland, one of the most plentiful marine resources in the world. The diversity of our daily catch never ceases to amaze us – from cod, haddock and plaice, to saithe, redfish, lemon sole and many others. We thank our dedicated and passionate Icelandic fishermen who leave port in all weather, heading out to responsible fisheries and coming back to port, with consistently super-chilled and clean fish, straight from our waters.
Once landed, our team of highly skilled professionals and our responsible management, allow us to deliver the best quality fresh & frozen seafood from Icelandic waters.

From sea to shelves

We feel an obligation to be as transparent as possible, from the provenance of our seafood, to the work of our skilled teams who make sure our products are sustainably delivered to our buyers around the world. The moment someone picks out a beautiful lemon sole fillet from a retailer’s shelves, or a waiter serves a plate of delicious cod loin, it is important to us that you be able to trace that fish right back to our dedicated fishermen.

We are proud to play an important role in ensuring chemical-free and sustainable seafood to the end consumer.

The Örlygsson brothers

Founder & CEO of IceMar, Gunnar Örlygsson, started as a fisherman back in 1986 at the young age of 15. Gunnar worked on long liners & trawlers in the rough Icelandic waters for 10 years and has since continued to dedicate his life to the production and export of the finest Icelandic seafood.
IceMar comes as a result of Gunnar’s experience of decades in various fields of the seafood industry combined with his long-lasting passion for the business. To this day, Gunnar still finds time away from busy office life to go out alone on his fishing boat to catch some fresh cod.
Gunnar’s brother Teitur Örlygsson has been in charge of the company’s fresh fish operation since 2004. Previous to IceMar, Teitur played as a professional basketball player for almost 20 years, both in Iceland and around Europe, and is considered by many as one of the best players in Iceland’s history.
Teitur played well over 100 games for the Icelandic national team and is still involved in the sport as a well-known analyst for Iceland’s top basketball league on national television.

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